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We believe that we can make a difference!

             We believe in better!

                               We believe in healthier!

                                                   We believe in greener!

                                                                     We believe in quality!

We believe in challenging the “norm” and make everyone’s life in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable, so that you’ll have more time to spend with your family.

We have been making, developing and perfecting a range of a ‘unique’ and high quality cooking sauces since 1985, positioning  us within the most qualified ‘Sauceologists’ in the world.

We don’t believe in promises, we deliver quality. 

Our Mission

       “We make awesome sauces, so that Parents can easily make healthy and tasty meal for their Children, keeping them happy and healthy, so that they can have wonderful  Dreams for their lives”  


Mannys Sauces is a recently formed company based in Chertsey, Surrey. Manny, Its founder, have been making sauces since 1985. His extensive knowledge, makes him the person that probably knows more about Piri-Pir sauces and Marinades than anyone else in the world.

Cutting the story short: A few years after he was deceived and pushed away off his  own business ‘Nandos‘, the business that he created with so much passion and love, he opened a few other restaurants, but these weren’t his dream. It was a way of making a living, but it was not his passion. It took him a long time to recover from what had happened, but now again, he is determined and pushed through until another great dream emerged: To make the best sauces and speciality foods in the world!

MANNYS SAUCES is now his great new dream! Once again we can see this new dream taking shape and growing strong all the way up to the TOP!

Mike x

Thank you ever so much Mike…

After I recovered from the long and difficult trauma that was losing my dream business, I’m now getting back on my feet, working hard  to achieve my new dream. I did it once and certainly I can do it again.

“My passion is now back and I again have the will, the faith, the support of my family, and the support of the many thousands of loyal customers that know and appreciate the high quality of the products we make available.

I am forever grateful to my family and the thousands of my faithful customers for their support and the divine forces for showing me the way.
I have a vast experience in making sauces, therefore, I can promise to make available to YOU, the best Sauces on the Market.
Although we are a new company, we can proudly say that we already have a good number of the following prestigious awards:

  • Quality Food Awards with 50% of the products we entered
  • 2014 Winners of the Scoot Headlines Award 
  • Gold Winner of the Invicta Foundation
  • Shortlisted for the Hounslow Business Awards
  • 2016 Quality Food Award Winner
  • 2017 Free From Foods Bronze winner


We have done an extensive market research by talking with thousands of customers directly; always with outstanding Positive Feedback

Restaurants will soon follow since this is the extension of my dream!

Manny x





We Got

From our mouth-watering Award Winning Piri-Piri sauces, Chicken, meat and fish marinades to the tang of our original Tomato Fusion, you’ll be amazed at what Mannys sauce does for your kitchen and your family! All of our products are made with the freshest local ingredients. We produce a range of high quality and respected products. We are the winners of the 2014 Scoot Award Headlines; The Invicta Foundation Gold Winner 2014. We have received great feedback from thousands of our many happy customers.

Proudly Serving Surrey as well as Nationwide

  • WINNER of the Scoot Headline Award 2014
  • Quality Food Awards FINALIST
  • 2014 Invicta Gold WINNER
  • 2016 British Quality Food Awards Winner!
  • 2017 Free From SHORTLISTED
  • 2017 Bronze winner for the Free From Foods

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