Curry Sauces

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Curry Sauce:
Make the best Curry in your own Home, without any hard work or effort! Make the most delicious and healthy Homemade Curry!
Whether you use beef, lamb, chicken, vegetables, fish or seafood, add this wonderful sauce to create the most flavorsome curry. Add the sauce towards the end of your cooking process (whether you fry or stir-fry) and let cook for another 5 minutes (low heat).
You can enhance your curry if you add a couple of  tbsp spoons of fresh cream or plain Yoghurt. Also ideal as a dip.

A 250 ml bottle will make 4 portions of curry.

“Refrigerate after open and consume within 60 days.”

=Please check other recipes on our recipe page=

FREE FROM: All the main 14 allergens, sugar, gluten flavouring and colouring agents!




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