Hot Piri Piri

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This is the genuine, original and unique Southern African Piri Piri sauce. This was the first Piri Piri sauce in the world available to the public.  

Voted the best Piri-Piri  in the Country three years running,  many say the best on the planet. If you`re brave enough and don`t mind a bit of extra pain, than this is for you. Inspired in the ancient recipes from the Land of the best Piri-Piri, Mozambique. A combination of a great flavor with a substantial fiery heat, to cater for the lovers of this essence. Try it once, and it will be you’re your best friend forever.

Add to any dish, marinades, use as a dip or straight onto your plate.

Don`t need to refrigerate after open

FREE FROM: All the main 14 allergens, sugar, gluten, colouring and flavouring agents

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