Meat Marinade

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This is an Excellent marinade, created to marinade all sorts of red meat, but it is also great with any other kind of meat,  Fish and Seafood or even vegetables.
Make the best BBQs, Roasts, Stews, Casseroles or Stir fries with this marinade.
The contents of this 250ml bottle will marinate 3 Kg of meat, which works our at roughly a 1/3 of a bottle per Kg of meat.
Pork, Lamb or roast joints, should be marinated overnight. A good steak, should not be in the marinade for longer than an hour, or the marinade will over power the flavor of the steak.

After open, keep refrigerated and consume within 4 months.

Please check our recipe page for more recipe ideas

FREE FROM: All the main 14 allergens, sugar, gluten, colouring and flavouring agents



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