This excellent marinade was created to marinate all red meats, but it can be used with any other meat. It is especially great with any kind of fish, seafood or vegetables. Use it to make the best BBQs, roasts, stir-fries, stews, or casseroles.

The contents of a 250ml bottle of sauce will marinate 3 Kilograms of meat, which works out at roughly 1/3 of sauce per kilogram of meat.

How to use it: Trim and cut your meat according to your needs. Coat the meat on both sides either using a basting brush or your hands, using the right quantity - 1/3 of the bottle per Kg of meat, roughly 2 tablespoons per serving.

Pork and Lamb should be marinated overnight. A good steak, fish/sea-food, a couple of hours will be sufficient.

Now, just cook your meat the way you normally do.

If you BBQ, before you serve, baste your meat on one side, turn the meat over and baste on the other side –this will keep your meat juicy and tender and an excellent flavor.

Free From the main 14 Allergen. No added sugar, colouring and flavouring enhancers

Suitable for Vegans