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Restaurant Owner or Planning To Be?

If you have a Restaurant or a Pub, or if you are planning to open one in the near or long future, please talk to us.

Here at C.I.A., we help, guide, advise and train you and your stuff to achieve the perfection and success that you deserve for your business, all of this for FREE!

Our guarantee is that we will improve your business in a very short time. Restaurant business is not a secret, it’s a skill!

There is no secret anymore that we were the Founders and Directors for many years of the major chain of Piri Piri chicken restaurants in the world – Nando’s. Over the years, we have been working on the improvement of these recipes and today we can say that we have improved these to a perfection level!

After training many thousands of people all over the world along the years with an impressive success rate, we can happily say that we do not settle for less than success for our customers. That’s our guarantee!

All will be strictly confidential with a signed NDA agreement.


We have been in the Restaurant business for many years, mainly in the ‘Piri Piri Chicken’ restaurants. We are in fact the ‘Pioneers’ of this type of business in the world, therefore, we have the knowhow and expertise to make this type of business a success. Today, there is a huge trend and demand for this type of business in the world and we can say that contrary to other types of restaurants that fail and close every day, this is the type of business that is almost bullet proof if you do the right thing. We can see very frequently chicken restaurants opening, unfortunately, most of them don’t have the right training nor the right ingredients to make it a success. This is where C.I.A. comes in. This is WHY we open our doors, to help all those that want to Master the Chicken Business.


Here at C.I.A, we will show you from A to Z how to open, run and master a restaurant business. We will make you an expert in the chicken restaurant by showing you everything you need to know to run a restaurant and make it a success. From the setting up, ingredients, training (no matter your previous training or who trained you), we are the best authority in the field in the world. Our services are strictly confidential, we do not disclose who our customers are. For this purpose, we sign a binding NDA agreement. If you feel that you need our services, please get in touch with us. We will help you to make the best chicken business in the World!


After receiving your application form, C.I.A. will analyse your performance and identify the areas you may need help with if you are already running a business, or we will help you in every area that you need help with if you are planning to open one. After identifying your needs, we then get on with technical stuff: • Menu development, Marinating, Precooking, Holding, Final cooking and Presentation. • The Menu will be developed based on several crucial items (Basic Menu) or standard Menu. Then by adding other items according to your location and type of customer. • Training will be entirely given in your premises, so that you and your staff are trained with your own equipment and within your work environment, knowing exactly how and what to do.

Our Beliefs


We work with our customers to provide premium quality service, training and advice.


The customer experience and satisfaction govern our decision making in every level of our service.


We believe that Food should be respected. Food is not only for eating – it should be for sharing and treating.


We will raise your expectations and profits fast.

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